“Anybody can make a pivot run in the wintertime”, BUT the summertime is when you need them running!! Our goal at Circle S is to have your pivot up and running within 24 hours after you call in with a problem. Our service technicians are all factory certified and able to repair any brand of pivot. Their trucks are equipped with the majority of parts needed to do repairs on the first trip.

We have a large inventory of both new and used parts for many different brands and models of center pivots.

We offer inspections of your pivots in the offseason to uncover potential problems which would keep you from irrigating when you need to. We check flow, pressures and the mechanical structure, and even go as far as checking for correct tire pressure. We then present you with a detailed list of needed maintenance. You can elect to fix what you feel comfortable doing or allow us to do the needed repairs.

Our goal is to do the job right the first time and go above your service expectations. Please give Leo Cavallo a call when you need help and give us, The Circle S Team, the opportunity to make irrigating easier.

Pivot Service Department Staff

Nothing worse than a well not pumping water when you need it to. We at Circle S have the equipment, two boom trucks, the inventory and the experienced personnel to determine and correct the problem quickly so you can get back to pumping. We also have the ability to test your wells for flow and pumping depth so you have good information to design for Pipe Planner or to be sure your pivot is operating at the correct pressure and GPM.


We have the parts and the know how to install flowmeters and timers in accordance with NRCS regulations. Please give us the opportunity to help you with well problem solutions. We will do our best to give you service above your expectations!!

We have the desire to be the best in the area when it comes to installing underground pipe. We have three trenchers and can install 2” to 15” pipe. We carry a large inventory of pipe, aluminum fittings, plastic fittings and everything necessary to install underground pipe correctly and efficiently.

We have the experience necessary to complete projects and paperwork in accordance with NRCS specifications. In many cases, we can communicate directly with the various NRCS offices so that the information they need is transferred directly from us to them to keep time from completion of project to payment to a minimum.

We have the equipment and experienced personnel to fix leaks or broken risers in a timely manner even in the heat of the summer. Please give us a call to help with underground pipe problems and we will try to exceed your expectations for service and reliability!!

In 2003 Circle S Irrigation expanded their business by opening an irrigation engine department.  Our engine department offers over 30 years of experience in service and parts for your irrigation engine needs.

As a Deutz Franchise Dealer and an Isuzu dealer, we specialize in engine parts, service, and warranty, featuring certified technicians. Whether you need an engine to power a flood well, an engine with a generator to power a center pivot, or a package with engine, centrifugal pump and fuel tank all mounted on one trailer, we can handle all of your power unit needs. From 20HP to 300HP.

We have certified techinians which come to the field and provide most services to get you up and running. We also offer a shop with full overhaul capabilities for those engine s which can not be repaired in the field. We have the equipment to pick your engine up, bring it to the shop and then deliver it back
to the field after the repairs have been completed.

We offer annual inspections to your engines in the field during the off season to make reccomendations for needed service which can be preformed by you or by us depending on the level of service needed to help get your engine ready for the next growing season.

Engine Department Staff