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Oxpipe is a revolutionary solution for efficient agricultural irrigation and fluid transportation. If offers higher durability, increased strength and length, and flexibility that translates into important cost and time savings for the American farmer.

Oxpipe Advantages

DURABILITY: Our manufacturing consists of high-performance raw materials and state of the art equipment that ensures long-lasting mechanical properties for the outdoor environment.

PROTECTION: Outer layer strength and mix of materials helps diminish unwanted damaged by humans or wild animals.

FLEXIBILITY: Farmers can punch required holes according to the field’s irrigation layout, assuring no additional tear or increase in hole size from that point on.

HIGH STRENGTH: Its patented state of the art intertwined filament and waterproof multilayer technology guarantees high tensile strengths while reducing carry weight.

UNIQUE LENGTH: Its weight-to-diameter ratio challenges all previous solutions, allowing the customer to lay up to ½ mile rolls and longer with the same setup equipment.


  • Dependable Water Supply

Riverscreen Basics

  • Screen drum measuring 16″ x 24″ up to 32″ x 48″
  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • Aluminum pontoons
  • 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″ or 12″ models available to fit your suction line

Optional Water Driven Power Drive

  • Keeps drum turning even in slow-moving current or still water
  • Only requires 6 gpm
  • Works great in livestock lagoons

Pontoon Option

  • Plastic foam filled pontoons for corrosive water

Optional Lifting Boomriverscreen_lifting_boom

  • Galvanized for long life
  • Heavy 6″ upright main pipe
  • Trussed boom for greater strength
  • Brake winch for ease of operation
  • Quick latch hook for easy hookup