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Linear Precision Irrigation Equipment

Linear Irrigation Equipment for Modern Farming

Irrigating your square, rectangular and oddly shaped fields isn’t a problem! Valley® linear irrigation machines offer you great advantages not found in other farm irrigation methods — advantages that can increase your field’s potential and your profitability.

Linears travel back and forth across your field, instead of around a central point as a center pivot does. Linears are one of the most efficient forms of farm irrigation — irrigating up to 98% of your field! And, linears do more than just irrigate — they can also provide your farm management program with chemigation, fertigation and germination, and decreases leaching that can occur through other irrigation methods.


Valley Linear Advantages

Maximize irrigated area

Reduce labor expenses by 50%, compared with surface, side roll or hand move irrigation

Deliver low rates of water, helping to eliminate runoff when irrigating on certain soils